Jun 22, 2021

One Size Does not Fit All

Top Application Tips
Books and stethoscope.
By Twanna Lewis

One common inquiry that our Enrolment Services team often receives is about the type of degree prospective applicants should pursue and our response is this, pursue something that you are passionate about. If you do this, chances are you are better positioned to succeed academically. In doing so prospective candidates may better focus on other aspects of the application that can enable them to distinguish themselves in a highly competitive process.

The MD application encourages candidates to bring their whole self to the process. Applications are reviewed holistically, which means that the review committee wants to see what candidates have done, both inside and outside of the classroom, to prepare them for medical school. Our application process allows the opportunity to do just that.

Our three dedicated application pathways provide candidates the opportunity to speak authentically about the experiences that led them to apply to medical school. It provides another way to tell the committee your unique story. Applicants who self-identify as Black or Indigenous can apply using the Black Student Application Program (BSAP) and the Indigenous Student Application Program (ISAP). Applicants who are active military at the time of application may consider the Military Medical Training Plan (MMTP) and contact Ms. Tina D. Lipcsey, CD  for details and eligibility. Applicants who are interested in both scientific research and clinical practice may select the MD/PhD Program.

When thinking about the non-academic section of the application, candidates should consider how to craft their application to address the 4 attributes clusters . This framework allows candidates to highlight areas that they would not be able to show solely through academic accomplishment. It provides applicants an opportunity to tell a complete story of their personal and diverse journey. Applicants are encouraged to articulate how what they have done to prepare them for medical school aligns with the values and mission of the Temerty Faculty of Medicine. This area of the application allows candidates to put their best foot forward in areas other than academics and demonstrates how they meet the competencies necessary to become effective medical professionals. The non-academic section of the MD application empowers applicants to move away from presenting a cookie-cutter application package. Instead they can assemble an application that has the potential to be more memorable and to stand out in ways that may be a challenge if they were relying exclusively on scholarly performance.

We firmly believe that there is no one specific student profile or a singular route to medical school. What we are certain of is that each unique path affords applicants with a lived experience that will serve to enrich their time in medical school and eventually our diverse patient populations across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.