Can you explain the difference between full-time studies and a full course load?

Full-time studies include 3.0 or more full course equivalents (FCEs) in the regular academic session (September-April) and 1.5 or more FCEs in the summer session (May-August). A full course load represents 5.0 (FCEs) in the regular academic session (September-April). A full course load is typically the absolute maximum number of courses you can take per year without requesting special permission. The course load is determined by the regular academic session of study, not by each semester. 

Does a withdrawn course (W) count towards a full course load for GPA?

No. For a course to count towards GPA, it must be completed, even if it is failed. As a withdrawal is not a completed course, it cannot be used towards a full course load. 

Does U of T accept applications to the first year of the MD Program from students who are currently undergraduate medical students in other medical schools?

The circumstances of the applicant would be evaluated individually. Any application would have to be made in the usual way, meeting published deadlines, and would be assessed in the same pool with all other applicants for entry in that year. 

How many years of undergraduate studies are required for admission?

Canadian Universities: 

At least three years in a coherent course of study which, if completed, would lead to a university degree, most commonly a Bachelor's degree. Candidates who apply during their third year of study must be completing the equivalent of 15 FCEs by the end of the third year, and have completed the course requirements for either a three-year degree or the third year of a four-year program. Candidates who apply during their fourth year are expected to be completing the equivalent of 20 FCEs  or completing their four-year degree. Candidates who will not meet these requirements due to enrolment in special programs must outline the reason in the Academic Explanations Essay on the OMSAS application. 

Universities Outside Canada: 

Applicants attending American universities must be completing a four-year Bachelor’s degree. Applicants attending universities outside Canada or the U.S. must complete the equivalent of a four-year Canadian Bachelor's degree. This equivalency must be assessed in a course-by-course evaluation from World Education Services 

Is preference given to U of T students?

No. All universities across Canada are treated equally in the application process.

Is the cut-off GPA of 3.6 for undergraduates and cut-off GPA of 3.3 for graduate applicants the cumulative GPA?

The GPA of 3.6 for undergraduate applicants and 3.3 GPA for graduate applicants are not cut-offs, but the minimum GPA requirements. The possession of the minimum GPA requirement does not guarantee acceptance. Applications that do not show evidence that an applicant achieved the minimum academic requirements at the time of application will not screened. File screening is the first step in the evaluation process, before they are sent for detailed file review. The cut-off changes each year, depending on the pool of applicants. 

Is the graduate GPA assessed competitively?

Graduate applicants must obtain a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.3 / 4.0 on the OMSAS scale. It is assessed competitively. Although graduate applicants may apply with the minimum required GPA of 3.3, the possession of the minimum GPA requirement does not guarantee acceptance. To acknowledge the academic challenge of undertaking graduate work, applicants pursuing graduate degrees will receive credit for their accomplishments during the file review process. 

It appears there are some final changes, as part of the Admissions Renewal plan started in 2019. When will these changed be announced?

The final change that is part of our multi-phase Admissions Renewal Plan is that students seeking admission to Temerty Faculty of Medicine in Fall 2023 and beyond will no longer have weighting (wGPA) used as part of the admissions process. 

Should I not apply if my GPA and MCAT are slightly below the minimum requirements, even though I qualify in terms of the other requirements?

All applicants must meet the minimum admission requirements in order for their application to be screened. We are adhering to the minimum GPA and MCAT requirements due to application numbers.