Admission Requirements

The University of Toronto’s MD Programselects candidates who demonstrate the potential to become Canada’s future health care leaders.

We are looking for students from diverse backgrounds. It does not matter what subject you studied at university or the level of your degree studies, you are encouraged to apply. We treat all university programs equally in the evaluation process and there are no quotas or age limits. We are looking for candidates with strong backgrounds in social sciences, humanities, physical sciences and life sciences. You should also demonstrate excellence in non-academic areas, such as community involvement, reliability, responsibility, perseverance, creativity and leadership.

What are the admission requirements?

Detailed information on our requirements is available through the following pages:

Indigenous applicants

Learn more about our Indigenous Student Application Program.

Black applicants

Learn more about our Black Student Application Program.

Can US and international students apply?

A limited number of supernumerary spaces are allocated to specific international training programs that have contractual arrangements with the MD Program. US and international students must meet the necessary academic and non-academic requirements, and be competitive with all other applicants. Further information is also available for international and US applicants.