Campus Assignment

The MD Program operates on two of the University of Toronto's three campuses. As a new student, you will be assigned to either the Mississauga campus or the St. George campus in your offer of admission. If you are assigned to the St. George campus, you will be further assigned to one of three academy sites shortly after the admissions process is completed. The St. George campus includes the FitzGerald, Peters-Boyd and Wightman-Berris Academies. Students assigned to the Mississauga campus will automatically be placed in the Mississauga Academy of Medicine. 

All campus and academy assignments will be for the entire four years of medical school. You will be able to participate in clinical learning opportunities across the University of Toronto Temerty Faculty of Medicine’s affiliates, regardless of academy.

During the admissions interview weekends, detailed information regarding the medical school’s campus and academy structure, and method of assignment will be provided.  Your preferences regarding campus and academy assignments will be taken into consideration, but we cannot guarantee first-choice placement.