Black Student Application Program

The Black Student Application Program (BSAP) is an optional application stream for Black applicants who self-identify as Black African, Black Caribbean, Black North American, multi-racial students who have and identify with their Black ancestry, etc.

The aim of this application program is to increase and support Black medical student representation at the University of Toronto. Through BSAP, we hope to break down some of the barriers that might impede Black students from applying, and nurture an inclusive environment that is welcoming to all.

Applicants applying through BSAP must submit the following additional materials along with all other admission requirements through the Ontario Medical Schools Application Service (OMSAS):

  • Applicants can chose to apply through BSAP by self-identifying on the OMSAS application.
  • Applicants will be required to submit a BSAP Personal Essay highlighting why they have chosen to apply through this application stream. We recommend that this essay be 250-500 words. This is submitted via the OMSAS application.

If you are considering applying through BSAP, please also consider joining the Temerty Faculty of Medicine’s Community of Support (CoS). CoS offers students in undergraduate programs access to mentors, job-shadowing, volunteer and research opportunities, admissions information and guidance. It helps participants build skills and connections that help level the playing field when it comes time to apply to medical school.

Applicant Program Information

  • Members of the Black community, as well as Black physicians, faculty members, and students will take part in admissions file review and admission interviews
  • All required application materials must be submitted by the OMSAS deadline
  • Both domestic and international candidates are invited to apply through this application stream
  • Applicants must meet the same academic requirements for Medical College Application Test (MCAT) results, grade point average (GPA) and course prerequisites as all other applicants
  • The BSAP program does not have a designated quota for admission

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why has U of T Medicine started a Black Student Applicant Program?

A: Getting into medical school isn’t easy — but historically, students from marginalized backgrounds have faced additional barriers. Through BSAP, we hope to break down some of the barriers that might prevent Black learners from applying and nurture an environment that’s inclusive and welcoming of everyone. Research shows that increased diversity of medical students leads to unique learning opportunities and to better physicians with a greater ability and understanding of diverse communities. It can also improve access to care for underserved communities and provide better health care to all patients, including minority communities that face unique health challenges.

Q. What is different about a BSAP application?

A: Members of the Black community, as well as Black physicians, faculty members and students will take part in admissions file review and admission interviews. Applicants must still meet the same admissions requirements (MCAT, GPA and course prerequisites) as applicants through the general application stream. Students can choose to apply through BSAP by self-identifying on the OMSAS application and must submit an additional personal essay highlighting why they’ve chosen to apply through this stream.

Q: Is BSAP more competitive than the general admissions stream?

A: No. All qualified BSAP applicants will move forward to interview and selection, just as in the general admissions stream.

Q: Am I guaranteed to proceed to the interview stage as a BSAP candidate if I satisfy all admissions requirements?

A: No, just as with all of our other admission streams, we will continue to invite qualified candidates to the MD admissions interview based on their file review scores. Meeting the minimum admissions requirements does not guarantee your progression to the interview stage.


Q: Do Black students have to apply through BSAP?

A: No, it is not mandatory. Black students can apply through the general or MD/PhD streams.


Q: Why would I choose to apply under BSAP?

A: File review and interviews for all BSAP applicants will include members of the Black community who are affiliated with and/or have extensive knowledge of healthcare and/or post-secondary education, admissions and outreach. This way, there may be less room for unconscious or conscious bias. Applicants selected to interview will also have the opportunity to connect with community resources within the Temerty Faculty of Medicine, through additional programming offered to BSAP applicants during the interview days.


Q: As a BSAP applicant, do I need to demonstrate commitment to social justice, or involvement within the Black community?

A: We will not apply additional requirements upon applicants under BSAP; we will apply the same expectations for BSAP applications as we do for all of our students. There is no specific requirement for your extra-curriculars.


Q: How do I prove I am qualified to apply under BSAP?

A: You must self-identify as Black African, Black Caribbean, Black North American, or multi-racial, and have, and identify with, your African ancestry.


Q: What should I include in the BSAP essay?

A: We have left this very open-ended, so it is your chance to tell us about anything that you feel is relevant.


Q: Can I volunteer as an admissions reviewers for this specialized application stream?

A: Our aim is to include members of the Black community on our admissions process (including physician, medical students, medical residents, health professionals and other community members). In addition to this, we welcome a diverse group of admissions reviewers who are comfortable assessing ethical and professional attributes and persons of diverse backgrounds. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us here. Please note that volunteers cannot be future or current applicants.