Graduate Applicants

Are professional programs such as Dentistry, Pharmacy or Chiropractic College considered graduate programs?

No. Marks from completed years of university undergraduate professional programs such as Dentistry or Pharmacy are calculated as part of the undergraduate GPA. College marks (including Chiropractic, Naturopathic or Homeopathic programs) are not included in the GPA calculation. 

Are there quotas for how many graduate applicants are accepted?

No. There are no quotas of any kind. The most competitive of all applicants are offered admission to the program, regardless of academic level.

I completed a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Will it be treated as a graduate degree?

The PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy) is a professional, undergraduate degree and not a graduate degree. 

I completed all the requirements for my graduate degree, but my convocation is scheduled after the application deadlines. Do I need to submit a letter from the graduate department regarding my status in the graduate program at the time of application?

No. A letter from the graduate department confirming your status in the graduate program is not needed at this time. Please ensure that you make arrangement for your official graduate transcript to be sent to OMSAS. We will conduct verification checks between December and January by reaching out to the graduate contact you have listed on your OMSAS application to confirm your degree and progress. 

If I have completed my graduate program am I still considered a graduate applicant?

Yes. You are required to submit the contact information of a verifier for your program as part of your OMSAS application. Without this information your application would be incomplete and may not be considered. 

Is there any flexibility with the June 30 deadline to complete the requirements for the graduate degree?

No. Applicants who cannot meet this deadline will have their offer cancelled.

My graduate degree will not be conferred by the application deadline. Am I considered a graduate applicant?

Yes. If you have completed or are enrolled in the final year of your graduate program (Masters or Doctorate) at the time of applying to the MD program, you are considered a graduate applicant. 

My supervisor was one of my three referees. Do they have to send an additional letter?

No, but you should include them as your verifier for your graduate program. 

What is the difference between undergraduate and graduate applicants to the MD program?

An important distinction is our minimum GPA requirement. Also, graduate applicants receive credit for their graduate work.