Mar 4, 2020

MD Program Financial Resource Explorer

Student in the Enrolment Services Office

Congratulations in reaching one-step closer to your career in medicine! If you’ve landed on this page, you are no doubt starting to plan and think about the associated financial costs to completing your MD degree. Medicine can be a challenging yet rewarding program in more ways than one. The UME team aims to support our students with both resources and tools to ensure a smooth transition into the program so you may focus your attention on what matters – getting the most out of your medical education.

If you are incoming student, take a look at our first module in the MD Program Financial Resource Explorer series, a financial literacy tool aimed at medical students.

You will learn valuable information and tips on how to finance your medical school career.

PART 1: Funding Medical School and Financial Aid

PART 2: Student Loan Consolidation and Debt Repayment

As you progress through your studies, make sure to keep an eye on our next modules in the series as we promise to guide you along to better manage your finances while completing your MD degree at U of T.