Interviews & Offers

How does the waiting list work?

When a space in the class becomes available, we contact the next person on the waitlist with an offer of admission. We will make repeated attempts to contact applicants from the waitlist who are being offered admission - we do not skip your name simply because we got your voicemail. Since we cannot predict how many additional offers may be necessary, or when they may be needed, we maintain a portion of the waitlist until the beginning of classes. Final notification to these candidates will be sent in September. 

I have already heard from other Ontario medical schools regarding interviews. What takes U of T so long?

Medical schools have different assessment procedures. At U of T, the interview is the final stage of the admissions process. Applications are reviewed in detail prior to ranking for interview. Due to the volume of applications, the process of careful review and scheduling means you may hear from us later than from other schools. 

I interviewed for the MD Program, but I recently received an offer for graduate school. Will accepting this offer mean I am no longer being considered?

As long as you have not begun your graduate program you may still receive an offer to the MD Program.

What if I am unavailable on the interview date you offer?

Attendance at an interview is mandatory. We will make a reasonable effort to accommodate students who have conflicting interviews or compelling personal circumstances. Due to the limited availability of interview times, such accommodation is not always possible. 

What if my interview invitation gets lost?

Invitations are sent by e-mail to the address you provide in your OMSAS application. All applicants who are offered an interview must reply by a given date. If you are invited for interview and we do not hear from you, we will try to contact you by telephone and/or e-mail. Failure to respond to the invitation may result in the cancellation of your application. Please ensure that you keep your contact information up-to-date with OMSAS. We receive these updates on a regular basis. 

When are offers made?

Offers of admission will start to be sent out in the 2nd week of May. 

When can I call for feedback on my file?

We do not provide personalized feedback on applications.

When do interviews take place?

Interviews take place between February and April. Applicants are notified by e-mail on an ongoing basis, as the files are reviewed. 

When should I call to ask about the status of my application?

We are not able to provide status information on your application.

When should I call to find out if any new offers are being made?

We are not able to release information regarding offer status.

Why can't I find out my position on the waitlist?

It is our policy not to disclose an applicant's position on the waitlist.