Applying to Medical School: Hidden Costs and Budgeting Tips

Recently I made a video on the costs of being a medical student and how to afford it. Though medical school is expensive, the first obstacle to becoming a doctor is the cost of applying to medical school.
Sep 9 / 2020

Meet the Team

The Undergraduate Medical Education Enrolment Services (UME ES) team provides services to prospective, current, and past MD students to facilitate a well-supported and successful academic journey. We are here to help you make informed choices regarding our MD Program, financial and enrolment needs. Our team consists of:
Aug 7 / 2020

Everything you need to know about wGPA

The wGPA formula is unique to the University of Toronto MD Program application. We receive a lot of questions about it here at the admissions office as it has the ability to impact a students GPA quite significantly. So what is the wGPA formula, exactly? 
Jun 9 / 2020

Orientation Week Exec Team 2020-2021: Introduction and quick tips for your first year

Congratulations to our 2T4 incoming students at the Faculty of Medicine at U of T. Every year, our students participate in a series of activities and socials prior to the start of their classes to meet their fellow peers, and to familiarize the campus environment to which they will be calling their second home in the next few years. This is known as Orientation Week (O-Week for short).
Jun 4 / 2020