Out of province student experiences

Apr 16, 2018

Out of province and international students are critical to strengthening the cultural fabric of the MD Program. Students from different places bring different experiences and perspectives into the program. We look at all domestic applicants equally - a student from Ontario has the same chance as getting into the MD Program as a student from British Columbia or Newfoundland. We simply accept the overall most competitive applicants into the program. 

What is student life like as an out of province medical student at U of T? Our Social Media Ambassadors from the class of 2T1, Verina Hanna and Kimberly Young, interviewed their classmates to find out. 

“My entire family is back in AlbertaDakoda Herman , my fiancé is in Saskatoon, and I’m out here in Toronto. It hasn’t been easy to pick everything up and move across the country, especially alone, and I’d never even been to Ontario before my interview at the University of Toronto. I chose to come to Toronto because of the amazing hospitals and learning opportunities that are available here, but it has still been an adjustment. I went through a bit of culture shock when I arrived, Toronto is a lot bigger than the town I grew up in. But really, no matter where you are in Canada, there are more similarities than there are differences; the people are very friendly, and Tim Horton’s still sells coffee. Despite school being quite busy, I was able to make friends quickly which helped to ease my transition to medical school. The Faculty of Medicine has been very supportive, and the staff are able to help you out with nearly anything you could imagine. It has been a great experience so far and I am looking forward to the next three and a half years. There will never be a substitute for my family, but my colleagues have become a second family for me and that’s better than I could’ve hoped for.”

- Dakoda Herman, Alberta




“I would say that my favourite thing about Mississauga has been the overwhelming sense of community that I have felt since joining MAM. I am originally from Halifax, NS, and completed my undergraduate degree at McGill University in Montreal, so I did not know many people coming into my first year of medical school. However, our class quickly became close through our many classes, labs, and group sessions together. Everyone is friendly and supportive of one another, which has made the transition to medical school, and to a new city, much easier for me. Additionally, the faculty and staff have been warm and welcoming right from orientation week. This community and network of support has made MAM my home away from home in Mississauga.”

- Amrit Sampalli, Nova Scotia

Asia"I was never a big phone person until I moved away from home, but I absolutely love playing with my nephews, studying with my partner, or crashing family dinner parties over FaceTime. My friends and I have also gotten into the habit of sending each other voice notes when we’re missing each other. It’s so lovely to actually hear someone’s voice rather than texting all the time! As my classmates know, sometimes these phone calls can feel stressful when I’m trying to balance everything that’s happening in my life in Toronto, but they always bring me so much joy and I’m so grateful to have such a strong long distance support network. The last thing I’ll say is if you are really missing home, there are always flights, carpools, and trains that can be coordinated for impromptu trips. I’ve flown home just for a weekend more than once and even though it’s a short visit, it’s really comforting to know it exists as an option when I’m missing home."

- Asia Van Buuren, British Columbia