Admissions blog: Resources for International Students

Deciding to study abroad can be intimidating. You have to readjust to a different culture, perhaps a different language, and relearn things that were once second nature to you. The University of Toronto prides itself on being an international university in an international city. Thus, we have a wealth of resources that are aimed at making the transition as seamless as possible for our international students.  Below you will find a preview of just some of the resources that are available to you as an international student in the MD program. 
Nov 21 / 2017

Foundations Curriculum Student Experience Blog: Lessons in Anatomy

Recently, we finished our neuroanatomy bell ringer exam, a style of test that involves rotating through various stations. Even though it’s not our last anatomy exam, it’s starting to feel like this block is coming to close and with it, the newness of medical school
Nov 9 / 2017

Addressing Unique Patient Needs with Technology

Jason Jaewoo Park wants to be a doctor who can impact patient outcomes with technology.
Sep 22 / 2017

Foundations Curriculum Student Experience Blog: Bringing the Lessons Home

When I was applying to U of T, I remember browsing the Faculty’s website and finding a list of potential summer research opportunities available to medical students.
Sep 11 / 2017
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