Admissions Blog: Meet our 2018 Admissions Reps

Dion Diep and Heta Joshi are 2nd year medical students at the University of Toronto and were selected as the student representatives for the MD Program Admissions Committee.
Nov 14 / 2018

Admissions blog: Tips for your application

Medical school application season is officially underway! You are now wrapping up your application on OMSAS! We understand that this time can feel overwhelming, so we have developed some tips for you to consider throughout the application cycle.
Sep 24 / 2018

Transition Blog: Mentorship Opportunities

Learning from people who are where you aspire to be is invaluable. There are numerous mentorship opportunities for our MD Students, where alumni are able to provide their insight into navigating the medical field. Mentorships can help you understand what different medical specialties entail, broaden your educational horizon, and build professional relationships in the medical community.  
Aug 3 / 2018

Transition Blog: Who are the academies named after?

All of our academies on the St. George campus are named after exemplary physicians from the University of Toronto, who made profound contributions to the field of medicine. When you enroll in an academy, you become part of a legacy of physicians who built their career on academic rigor, humility, and compassion. Before you embark on your medical school journey, we would like to introduce you to the physicians who paved the road on which you are about to walk.  
Jun 19 / 2018
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