In order to study medicine at the University of Toronto, and in Canada generally, you must have some previous university experience and cannot enter a program directly from high school. The earliest you can apply is the beginning of your third year of undergraduate studies. There are different academic requirements depending on your educational background:

  • undergraduate applicants
  • graduate applicants
  • internationally educated applicants

In addition, you must also satisfy the non-academic requirements.


Applicant Type  Undergraduate Graduate: Course Based Graduate: Research-Based

Completion of at least three years of undergraduate study (equivalent of 15 credits) towards a Canadian university bachelor's degree.

Completion of Masters or PhD Completion of Masters or PhD
Prerequisite Courses Two full-course equivalents (FCEs) in life sciences and one FCE in a social science, humanities or language Two FCEs in life sciences and one FCE in a social sciences, humanities or language  Two FCEs in life sciences and one in social science, humanities or language 
Minimum Undergraduate OMSAS GPA Requirement  3.6

Course based graduate students are typically assessed as undergraduate applicants

Please see Graduate Applicants section below

Minimum MCAT Score (in each section)  125 125 125
Academic Explanations Essay Optional Optional Optional 
Academic CV No No Yes
Graduate Supervisor Letter  No No Yes
Program Completion Date Letter  No Yes No 

See the complete chart of Academic Requirements and an outline of Non-Academic Requirements.

It is not necessary to undertake a pre-medical program as long as you meet our academic requirements.

If you have not yet completed a bachelor’s degree, you may be interested in learning more about the degree programs offered at the University of Toronto.

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