MD Program


Admissions blog: A week in the life of a medical student

Have you ever wondered what life is like as a medical student at the University of Toronto? Our Social Media Ambassadors from the class of 2T1, Kimberly Young and Verina Hanna, show you a peek into what a week in the life looks like in the first year of the U of T MD Program.  
Dec 2 / 2018

Admissions Blog: Part 2 of Advice from our 2018 Admissions Reps

Dion Diep and Heta Joshi are 2nd year medical students at the University of Toronto and were selected as the student representatives for the MD Program Admissions Committee. Their responsibilities included contributing to and voting on admissions policies, evaluating applicant files, acting as ambassadors for the Program by giving presentations and speaking to prospective applicants, coordinating interview days and much more!
Nov 16 / 2018

Application 101: a few Helpful Pointers

Medical school application season is officially underway! You are now wrapping up your application on OMSAS! We understand that this time can feel overwhelming, so we have developed some tips for you to consider throughout the application cycle.
Sep 24 / 2018